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PA & Lighting Hire

Live Sound

in Leicester

We cater for a wide range of events and requirements, from a small DJ set up to a full blown outdoor festival, concert and everything inbetween.

Our experienced team can help with the early planning stages of your event or tour to ensure you get the best advice and a high end product for your project. Being based in the Midlands and with our extensive knowledge of venues, we can also advise on the best approach for your event, concert or tour.

  • Concerts

  • Events

  • Presentation

  • Showcase

  • DJ

  • Touring

  • Outdoor

  • Live Streaming

  • PA & Control Systems

  • Monitor Systems

  • Radio Microphones and IEM’s

  • Sound Systems up to, and in Excess of 30k

  • Highly Experienced Sound Engineers and Crew

  • Full Lighting Including Moving Heads & Washes

  • Industry Standard Equipment including Shure, Sennheiser, Audix & QSC

For full information please look at our PA specification

PA & Lighting Hire for Leicester

Monteray Roadshow PA & Lighting Hire - Live Sound

Providing entertainment  for any event.

Specialising in weddings, live sound, PA & lighting, corporate events, prom nights & private celebrations

- Burton On Trent - Tamworth - Derby - Ashby - Leicester - Stoke On Trent - Nottingham - Stafford - Sheffield - Chesterfield - Manchester - London -

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