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Packages Tailored To You!

Don't just hire a PA, get the complete package. A highly experienced Sound Engineer with over 25 years Professional Engineering & Production experience, working with equipment that he has chosen as the tools of his trade to showcase his skills to the best possible extent.

We can use up to 6 x 2000W, dual 18" low end bins  alongside 6 x 1500W, dual 15" and horn tops to give the highest quality end result. We consider stage monitoring to be absolutely vital in helping the best possible performance, and your stage will be filled with the wonderful clear sound of up to 10 individual monitor mixes to on stage speakers or IEM's. The mixing desk is digital and microphones, amplifiers and processing  are all of high quality. Suitable for Venues up to 1500 people. Quotes will be based on a day of up to 8 hours.

Need bigger sound for your event??

We are happy to expand our PA services to host a wide selection of performers. From local talents to large concerts, events and tours.

Our packages are very reasonable and will be costed on a individual basis, with everything personalised to suit you, your event and venue.

Please contact us with your specifications.

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